Thursday, May 1, 2008

All About WA4ILO

My first call, WN4ILO, was issued to me when I was licensed as a novice in 1962. Back then a novice class license was valid for one year with limited operating privileges. When I upgraded to conditional class (so named to denote someone who lived far enough from an FCC examining center to be allowed to take the test before another ham qualified, the forerunner of our current VEC system), the "N" became an "A," and I began to enjoy full operating privileges. After a change in the rules, my conditional class license became newly limited in privileges. After I finished law school in the spring of 1974, I used the summer vacation to upgrade my license to advanced class taking the exam at Columbia, SC where I was living at the time. Years later in 1999, I upgraded to extra class taking the exam at the Orlando Hamfest.


* AMSAT (#32349)
* The Ten-Ten Club (#72524)
* FISTS (#7325)
* Macon Amateur Radio Club
* ARRL (Life Member)

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